Anyone who has attempted to lose weight by dieting knows how uncomfortable it is to constantly be hungry.

No one wants to cope with the stress and crankiness of frequent food cravings and obsessive calorie tracking if there’s an easier way to lose weight.

There’s good news!

You may consume a variety of meals that are high on the “satiety index” and yet feel full without gaining weight. Healthy meals that make you feel full while also aiding in weight reduction are two sides of the same coin. There are many meals that don’t cause weight gain, and we’ll take a look at some of them in this post.

What Is It About Certain Foods That Makes Them More Satisfying?
Just a cup of Doritos will not fill you up as much as 8 ounces of protein shake. You already know this.” Different foods have distinct effects on how we feel when we’ve eaten enough of them.

Using the satiety index, you can see how many calories a food has in relation to how full it makes you feel. As of 1995, the satiety index has been developed, and it grades meals according to how well they satisfy hunger and curb cravings.

A Guide to Choosing Satisfying Foods Based on the Satiety Index
Healthy meals that rate high on the satiety index have less calories per serving than other foods. Some examples of these foods include: eggs, lentils, cheese, grain bread, steak, and seafood.

Consuming low-satiety food has the exact opposite effect: you overeat (and then overeat some more), never feel satisfied, which leads to an increase in your waistline that you have no control over.

Here’s an illustration: Even though you’re running late for work, you can’t resist stopping at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through for a bagel or doughnut. What happens an hour or two after you have your on-the-go breakfast?

This is the third time you’ve been deprived of food.

Satiety index scores are lower in highly processed meals such as white bread, chips, and pastries. Rather than making you feel full, they lead you to gain weight since they are heavy in calories from carbs and sweets rather than healthy fats and proteins.

Having a healthy diet and looking attractive may be achieved at the same time. In order to eat healthily and stay full, you must choose foods that match at least one of four criteria.